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Quadro Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Quadro™ series Reverse Osmosis systems are designed and manufactured for industrial applications. The Quadro™ series are pre-assembled units, fully tested at the factory and require simple utility connections and are ready for immediate on –line services. Their simple designs maximize reliability of the RO unit. Quadro™ series can be either a single or double pass RO system mounted on a powder coated structural steel frame. The system includes a depth cartridge pre-filter(s), a multi-stage high pressure feed pump, 4" stainless steel membrane housings, and spiral wound thin film composite RO membranes, stainless steel high pressure piping, PVC low pressure feed, reject, and product piping. The Basic Quadro systems are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a simple user interface. The Quadro™ offers variable recovery system which will allow the facility operator to maximize the recovery of the system based on constituents of the supply water, thus reducing the process cost of the final treated water.

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