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MD 400 Series RO Systems

The MD400 Reverse Osmosis system was the flagship FDA approved, 510k certified, primary filtration unit produced by Isopure’s forbearing corporation. Keeping in touch with current technological innovations, the MD400 has progressed over the past two decades to an all encompassing reverse osmosis unit with built in cleaning technology. Using an integral touch screen control panel paired with an internal logic controller, allows the machine to run processes with minimal operator input. The touch screen not only acts as an operator input and control device, but also displays necessary pressure, conductivity and temperature measurements. With a built in cleaning system, the disinfection and rejuvenation process (D/R) is a simple process of Step 1, Step 2, and HydroBlast™ allowing cleaning and sanitation of the entire RO system in approximately ½ of the time of conventional RO systems.

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