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Loop Sanitation Assembly

As new disinfection technologies emerge to disinfect and sanitize pure water distribution loops, the time tested sodium hypochlorite (Liquid Bleach) still remains one of the most cost effective modes of disinfection. As a previous form of disinfection, bleach was simply poured into the storage tank then was pushed through the tank and distribution systems. The next step was a simple rinse until no residual was detected on the loop return. Throughout time, this process became tedious and carrying a gallon of bleach up a ladder to the top of the storage tank proved to be a difficult task for some staff. With Isopure’s Loop Sanitation Port, once it is placed in-line with water flow, suction is generated on a ¼” PVC hose. Once this hose is placed in a gallon container of bleach, the bleach is drawn into the distribution line or into the tank allowing the technician to remain on ground level with no excessive movement while carrying the bleach container. This simple tool is very practical at reducing the possibility for staff injury, reducing chances of spilling chemical, as well as making the process much easier and time efficient for clinical staff.

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