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Isopure [RO]CK

The Isopure [RO]CK series of container based Reverse Osmosis systems are designed and manufactured for industrial applications. Each [RO]CK produced is a custom pre-assembled unit, fully tested at the factory and require simple utility connections and are ready for immediate on –line services. Their simple designs maximize reliability of the RO unit.  [RO]CK series units can be equipped with either a single or double pass RO system internally mounted and any of the following integrated options:

  • Supply Water Boosting Systems
  • Supply Side Filtration
  • Chemical Injection Systems to treat supply water
  • Integrated RO Clean-In-Place System
  • Off-board RO Clean-In-Place Systems
  • Permeate Storage and Distribution (Compressed Air or Electric Pumps)
  • Waste Water Storage and Distribution (Compressed Air or Electric Pumps)
  • Basic or Advanced Control Units
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Exterior Visual/Audible Alerts
  • HVAC Container Units
  • Insulated Container Units

Simply provide Power, Supply Water, a Drain Connection, and a place for the container to sit and your system can be dropped off and running in no time.

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