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IsoMix Pro Sodium Bicarbonate Mixer

The Isopure Bicarb mixer features a unique single piece design with two one hundred thirty gallon sealed tanks. One is the solution-mixing tank, which receives the dissolved powder from the bicarbonate powder hopper feed system. The solution is mixed with AAMI quality water according to specifications defined by the manufacturer of the bicarbonate powder. The second tank is used as a storage/distribution tank. Once the solution has been dissolved and mixed, the solution can be transferred from the mixing tank to the storage delivery tank. The mixed concentrate can be either distributed through a sodium bicarbonate solution distribution loop or dispensed into individual jugs. With this design, both mix and distribution tanks, the hopper, and all internal plumbing are sealed during the mixing process to reduce microbial contamination. The sealed design also facilitates carbon dioxide recovery and the natural release of carbon dioxide during the mixing procedure. To facilitate the operation of Isopure’s Sodium Bicarbonate Mixing and Distribution System, the system was designed with a touch screen as the machine interface. This touch panel allows complete control of the system via an advanced logic control system. With this highly complex electrical control system, the system will complete nearly all tasks with minimal staff involvement. The main highlights of this unit are the fully automated processes, the ergonomically designed hopper, automated batch records, process data logging, and optional use of a marquee remote alarm or battery backup.

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