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Isocube Acute Water Treatment Skid

To aid with the expanding use of acute clinics, Isopure utilized technology from the MD400 series of primary purification systems and generated a FDA Certified 510K self contained water treatment system capable of producing enough permeate water, meeting of exceeding AAMI RD62 standards, for six individuals on a direct feed distribution loop. As a self contained system, the Isocube includes an internal logic controller that guides processes to completion with little to no technician interaction. Beginning with an included thermostatic mixing valve to adjust the supply temperature, the pre-treatment system begins with a five micron sediment filter followed by a fiberglass reinforced tank containing a 60,000 grain softener to adsorb magnesium and calcium prior to the water entering the carbon filtration system. The carbon filtration system consists of both a worker carbon and a polishing filter to adsorb chlorine and chloramines. The water then proceeds through a one micron filter before reaching the reverse osmosis units pump and reverse osmosis system. Permeate water is then distributed to the direct feed loop or can be stored in a storage tank system. The Isocube is also equipped with a quick connect clean in place system, this disinfection and rejuvenation process (D/R) is a simple process of Step 1, Step 2, and HydroBlast™ which allows cleaning and sanitation of the entire RO system, lasting approximately 1/2 of the time of conventional RO disinfection systems.

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