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Deionization Water Controllers

As an emergency backup system for a Central Reverse Osmosis System, deionized (DI) water systems have proven their effectiveness given the proper sensory devices are put in place. Although the water produced by means of a DI filter is typically of higher quality, lower conductive, the on-demand style of these filter can cause issues when first using the filter as well as when the tank reaches the end of its media’s functional lifetime. With variable water quality and to account for the possibility of deteriorating water quality of fluids remaining in the DI filter while in storage, it is necessary to have a DI filter Controller. With Isopure’s DI Controller and accompanying hydraulic assembly low quality water is diverted to drain based on the conductivity of the DI water. By means of two solenoid valves in conjunction with real time monitoring of water conductivity the system allows the water to be diverted to drain until proper water quality has been met, then the solenoids will automatically divert the water to the proper location in the process.

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