Servicing for Dialysis Water treatment Systems

Our support does not end with the sale and installation of the equipment; Isopure also offers 24/7 technical support. All calls are answered by a technician the will be able to assist the operation of the equipment. Field service is also provided by both Isopure as well as the network of dealers across the country.  

Isopure brings a unique prospective to dialysis equipment. All of our primary devices feature computer operating systems. Human Interface between machines is accomplished by a touch screen which displays the digital values for the pressures and flows as well as water quality. Alarm conditions are electronically recorded with a time and date stamp when the alarm occurred and when it was cleared. Our comprehensive approach to the dialysis facility has resulted in the design of new and innovative products such as the FD controller. This controller will maintain the product water loop velocity at the AAMI required 3 ft/sec by utilizing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology. By utilizing this technology along with the computer in the controller, the device is able to save an operating facility approximately $1,100.00 in electric cost of the period of a year.

Our comprehensive approach to addressing the entire needs of a dialysis facility include design and manufacturing of medical devices, as well as installation of the finish devices in the facility. Our install crews travel all over the country performing installation of the equipment in a facility.

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