Dialysis Water Treatment Systems

Isopure Corp is a leader in water treatment for hemodialysis centers. We employ the latest technologies and custom solutions that will assure CMS — AAMI compliance. Isopure manufactures and installs water treatment systems that meet the special challenges of dialysis clinics.

Isopure's story began in1986 when a nephrologist secured his first 510(k) with the FDA. This would eventually become Isopure which was incorporated in 1996.

Isopure Corp has its own dedicated manufacturing to produce the most advanced FDA registered Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration systems today. Isopure also offers advanced technology in other related Hemodialysis applications, such as bicarb and acid mixing and distribution.

The equipment we design all utilize computer technology to address compliance issues facing facilities today as well as providing the safest equipment available for patient treatment. We utilize technology to create equipment for the purpose helping people with renal failure.

Our technology utilizes two decades of experience after receiving our first FDA 510(k) clearance in 1986 for a primary purification device. Our patented cleaning technology, first introduced in 1986, has proven over the years to be the best alternative to cleaning and disinfection for a primary purification system.

Our manufacturing facility located in Kentucky in the heart of America is staffed with trained specialists that are available 24/7 to address needs of facilities. Located only minutes from the UPS main air hub allow us to ship packages as late as midnight to arrive at a facility the next business day.

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