Our Products Include

  • Primary Purification
  • Final Filtration
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Concentrate Mixing
  • Cleaning Technology
  • Control Boxes

Water treatment for Hemodialysis

Isopure Corp is the leading manufacturer of FDA registered equipment for dialysis water treatment. Isopure is the only company today that offers this integrated technology as a standard feature on all of its primary purification devices. Our patented cleaning technology is a proven technology with over two decades of experience.

Our Innovative standard features address complex CMS/AAMI regulations:

  • All alarm conditions are recorded with a date and time stamp
  • Carbon Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) is displayed and alarmed if low limit exceeded
  • Return loop velocity is displayed and alarmed if low limit exceeded
  • Nocturnal technology to provide consent treatments
  • Ozone disinfection is the most effective disinfectant available for dialysis bicarb and water systems. (The Ozone system is pending FDA 510(k) clearance)

The dialysis water treatment systems include primary purification equipment MD400 series, multi-patient RO machine, MD100 series portable RO machine, and the Isocube complete system for acute settings. In addition to the dialysis water treatment system; Isopure also manufacturers concentrate equipment for final filtration such as the MD600 series UFS, wall mount ultra filter systems as well as Bicarb mixing and delivery systems, acid concentrate delivery systems (ACDS). Along with the primary purification devices and concentrate mixing devices for Hemodialysis water treatment equipment also include controllers for pre-treatment monitoring and chlorine removal, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) distribution pumps. This ìgreen technology provides enormous energy (cost) savings to the operating facility.

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